What software components do we use?

anonbox.net is built using off the shelf qmail-1.0.3, djbdns-1.05 (aka tinydns) and lighttpd-1.4.19 using some modifications explained below.

Glue code is written in sh, one component of qmail rewritten in C.

What did we do to lighty?

lighty basically runs on a standard configuration with the exception of a more moderate logging style and index.sh being added to default delivery.

What did we do to tinydns?

tinydns runs off the shelf with an rc.d script making it run without daemon tools

Its zone file is rebuilt every night via our crontab triggered nightly script. All scripts include our config file.

What did we do to qmail?

We installed a qmail-tls-1.0.3. In order to allow virtual mailboxes, we rewrote qmail-getpw

qmails config is rebuild every night via our crontab triggered nightly script. This rebuilds /var/qmail/control/{rcpthosts,virtualhosts,me}.

How do we implement removing fetched mailboxes?

Our crontab triggers a cleanup script every minute. This parses lighttpd's log file and removes all fetched mailboxes.

How do you generate mailboxes?

Our cgi script creates a virtual home directory for the one-time-user, so that qmail can deliver its mail there and links the second secret so that lighttpd finds the mailbox, too.